StJohn “Jo” Anderson
StJohn “Jo” Anderson

StJohn “Jo” Anderson

Co-founder, Carbon Tanzania

Jo Anderson is the Co-founder of Carbon Tanzania and focuses on business sustainability through financial management and global sales, ensuring that Carbon Tanzania has the financial capacity to scale when opportunities arise. He leads the development and roll-out of the communications strategy for the company, consolidating and disseminating the company’s achievements on the global scale.

AVAILABLE ON 21 December 2021

Fighting climate change by making nature valuable for local communities

Learn how placing the earth’s biodiversity in the hands of indigenous people can enable conservation of nature along with sustainable rural development

About Carbon Tanzania

Carbon Tanzania is a social enterprise that creates economic value in natural resources for indigenous people through sustainable management of forests and biodiversity. They generate forest-based carbon credits that enable Tanzania’s indigenous resource-owners to earn revenues from the protection of their natural resources. These verified emissions reductions allow businesses to invest in a nature-based solution that serves the climate, indigenous communities and wildlife, and contributes to delivering the SDGs.

Click here to learn more about forest-based carbon credits, to offset your or your company’s carbon footprint and support indigenous land rights in Tanzania.