Nima Tisdall
Nima Tisdall

Nima Tisdall

Founder, Blue Lobster

Nima Tisdall is one of two founders of Blue Lobster. She has been recognised on Forbes “30 under 30” list, and is a European Leaders fellow with the Obama Foundation. Nima has a passion for environmental and social sustainability, with a strong belief in building impact driven for-profit companies to solve some of the world’s biggest issues. In 2019, she was named as one of the “100 most influential Danish women”.

AVAILABLE ON 4 November 2021

Seafood is not like other food

Explore how seafood differs from other types of food, because it’s one of the last food sources that we harvest straight from nature at an industrial scale.

About Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster is a digital tool that enables buyers of all sizes to purchase fish directly from sustainable fishermen. Through this marketplace we have shortened the supply chain significantly, enabling fishermen to earn a much better price for their catch.

We are also combatting illegal and unreported fishing, by ensuring that all seafood that is sold through our system is correctly reported to local authorities. This is key in enabling a sustainable fishing industry, as it allows governments to accurately regulate the amount of fish that is being caught.

Blue Lobster strives to use economic incentives to push seafood actors towards more sustainable practices. This is possible by smarter processes: both in terms of the technological tools and by re-thinking the traditional supply chain