Nigel Sizer
Nigel Sizer

Nigel Sizer

Executive Director, Preventing Pandemics at the Source

Nigel Sizer is Executive Director of Preventing Pandemics at the Source & a globally recognized authority on forests, ecology, climate change and development policy. Previously he was President of the Rainforest Alliance and global director of the World Resources Institute Forests Program where he launched Global Forest Watch & the Global Restoration Initiative.  He spent three years in the Brazilian Amazon for his PhD in tropical rainforest ecology.
AVAILABLE ON 1 November 2021

The Climate Crisis and Pandemics: A Common Solution

The world is facing two parallel crises, climate change and COVID-19. They are united by a common cause: the encroachment of humans on the natural world. A common cause means there’s a common solution – learn about what this is and how you can help.

About Preventing Pandemics at the Source

The Coalition to Prevent Pandemics at the Source is a diverse alliance of leading public health, conservation, health rights, equity, and animal welfare organizations, united in the goal of increasing global investment in prevention of pandemics at the point at which they emerge – through zoonotic disease spillover due to human encroachment on nature.

The Coalition works to strengthen the understanding about the links between the destruction of nature and emerging infectious diseases, to reframe the story around pandemic prevention through global and local awareness campaigns and advocacy, and to argue for the creation of a Global Action Fund for Pandemic Prevention to support a pipeline of existing prevention solutions to scale up, while also financing the development of new solutions.

The Coalition was co-founded by Dalberg Catalyst CEO Sonila and Cook and Dr Nigel Sizer, and its members include Conservation International, EcoHealth Alliance, Health In Harmony, INCT EECBio (Brazil), International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the Jane Goodall Institute, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Marked by COVID, Rainforest Alliance, Right to Health (R2H) Action, PIVOT, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), World Resources Institute (WRI), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Act now by telling our leaders that they must act, vote with your values for leaders who follow the science, who listen to the warning signs and take a long view, join and support groups taking a stand for forests and wildlife, including members of the Preventing Pandemics at the Source coalition.