Grace Wachori
Grace Wachori

Grace Wachori

Engagement and Partnership Lead, B Lab East Africa

Grace is the Engagement & Partnerships Lead at B Lab East Africa where she manages partnerships, the B Corp Community and implements Entrepreneurs Capacity Building Programs across Africa.  Prior to joining B lab East Africa, Grace worked as a Consultant Trainer and Programs Manager for projects geared at training community groups on Entrepreneurship and Wellness at Legado International, an organization she founded.  She has over 5 years’ experience in Project Management and Training.

AVAILABLE ON 22 December 2021

African entrepreneurs leading the fight against climate change

Learn more about how B Corp businesses are positioning themselves in the front lines to fight climate change in Africa

About B Lab East Africa

B Lab East & Southern Africa is a non-profit organization that promotes and certifies for-profit companies for their social and environmental impact. Through our assessments and frameworks, we help businesses measure and manage their impact on workers, customers, communities and the environment. This way, businesses can contribute to solving some of the most pressing challenges we face in Africa like poverty, inequality and climate change.

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