Ben Christensen
Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen

CEO, Cambium Carbon

Ben has spent his career building teams—believing deeply in the power of people, listening, and acting for others. He is the co-founder and CEO of Cambium Carbon, a public benefit company that is creating a new people-first way to address climate change at scale in the US. Ben earned his Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Previously he worked on federal policy at the World Resource Institute, led backcountry trips across California, and researched hydrolysis nano-chemistry at Sandia National Lab.
AVAILABLE ON 6 November 2021

How to use win-win-win-win-win-wins (positive positive feedback loops) to beat climate change

If empathy is built into the core of how this growing movement of innovators operates, we might just do better than saving the world, we might actually improve it

About Cambium Carbon

Cambium Carbon is a circular economy platform, starting with trees in cities. They are working to connect the broken supply chains in the urban forestry industry through tech, and are creating a new, highly desirable, class of wood called Carbon-Smart WoodTM. Cambium Carbon is focused on building local e-commerce where customers can finally access wood from cities they care about. The model turns a waste stream (urban wood waste using SAAS for arborists and miller/makers) into valuable products (by connecting makers to buyers through it’s marketplace) into new trees (through local community plantings from virtual arborist services). Cambium provides a highly scalable and impactful model across the US that can help to equitably reforest America.

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