Ajay Raghavan
Ajay Raghavan

Ajay Raghavan

Founder, Bangalore Creative Circus

Ajay used to be one of the top employment lawyers in the world. He was a senior partner at India’s leading law firm, Trilegal, where he built one of the most successful legal practices in the country. After being deeply influenced by what was happening with the planet, Ajay decided to focus his attention on sustainability and climate change. He is incredibly passionate about art, science, sustainability, and wellbeing. Ajay is a strong believer in empathy, design thinking and collaborative frameworks. He is a co-founder at Bangalore Creative Circus, a 20,000 sq feet space in Bangalore that was set up as a ‘Living Lab’ to build awareness and promote solutions around sustainable and conscious living. He is also a co-founder at the Initiative for Climate Action, a non-profit with a vision to catalyze, enable and accelerate low carbon futures of justice and sustainability. He is also on the Board of Dream a Dream, a non-profit that works with children. Ajay loves art, music, sport, and conversation.
AVAILABLE ON 21 December 2021

The Sustainability Circus

Learn about a living lab in the heart of Bangalore, India that believes in the idea of using art and science as mediums to create ecosystems that enable extraordinary collaborations focusing on sustainable living and climate action

About Bangalore Creative Circus

Bangalore Creative Circus or BCC, is a 20,000 sq feet warehouse located in Yeshwanthpur in Bangalore. It was built as a demonstrative space for people to interact and connect with sustainable living. BCC uses art and science as mediums to draw and engage people in the space, with the stated intention of encouraging every person to take a step in the direction of living sustainably. The space has been set up along the lines of a “living lab” where various experiments around sustainable and conscious living are carried out. Almost everything in the space has been built out of reused, recycled and scrap material.

The Initiative for Climate Action or ICA, is a non-profit that was set up to promote collective action in the climate space. The ICA is a large group of volunteers consisting of lawyers, educators, film-makers, artists, climate scientists, etc. who’ve come together to engage in different aspects of climate action, city resilience, vulnerability response, education, youth empowerment etc.